Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kindergarten parent handouts

Phonemic Awareness and Concepts of PrintThey present us with quite a dilemma.

1. Phonemic awareness is one of the best predictors of future reading success. This skill is absolutely key for kindergartners.

2. Phonemic awareness is also one of the hardest skills for kindergartners to develop -- especially boys.

3. Concepts of print prepare our kindergartners for learning. Their concepts of print can highly affect their readiness to learn and achieve in the classroom.

4. Unless they are educators... parents hardly ever have any idea what these things are.

See what I mean? Dilemma.

One of the "saviors" of this dilemma is that many parents unknowingly work on these skills with their young children. Home environments full of conversation, dinners together, nightly reading, and rich language naturally foster phonemic awareness and concepts of print. However, we all know our children do not always come from these environments.

We are in the midst of parent-teacher conferences, so I developed two handouts to share with my students' parents -- one for phonemic awareness and one for concepts of print. Both explain what they are, what skills they include, and what we can do to help nurture these skills in our little ones.


Click HERE and HERE (or on the pictures above) for a printable download. 
I hope these handouts are helpful to you and your students' parents!


  1. This is perfect for handing out at Parent-Teacher Conferences! Thank you so much!

  2. We are having a Kindergarten Tea at our school to help the parents understand what to expect this year...these handouts are perfect for our resource book! Thanks for sharing!


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