Saturday, July 28, 2012

Four in a row -- letter matching

Just a QUICK game post -- "Four in a Row." Easy practice for matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Some of my kinders come in with VERY minimal letter exposure. Initially, matching letters is often easier for these kids than identifying -- and the game provides a fun way to practice.

Click HERE to download the game board. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monopoly Jr. -- coin practice

Well, I love revamping board games for my kindergarten class. It's cheap, fun, and the kids love it! I can change any game to provide practice for any skill. When I found Monopoly Jr. at a garage sale for $1, I knew this would be a perfect game for coin practice. I plan to use this game during small group instruction (I will facilitate).


I know Monopoly Jr. already provides money practice. But the amounts used in the game ($1-$5) do not provide the practice I wanted. During the 4th quarter, my kindergartners always need extra practice with MAKING sets of coins. So, I simplified the game to practice from 2 cents to 26 cents. 
Keep reading below for more info AND the documents to make your own game!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sorry! game -- revamped for kindergarten!

I love garage sales. They're a great place to find classroom treasures. One of my favorite things to buy at garage sales are board games. You can usually pick them up for $1 or $2 -- and I love turning them into educational games! They are perfect for small group practice... and way more fun than plain-old flash cards!

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a Sorry! game for $1. Keep reading below for 3 Sorry! games for the kindergarten classroom -- Sight Words, Double-Digit Number ID, and Over 100 Number ID.