Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sorry! game -- revamped for kindergarten!

I love garage sales. They're a great place to find classroom treasures. One of my favorite things to buy at garage sales are board games. You can usually pick them up for $1 or $2 -- and I love turning them into educational games! They are perfect for small group practice... and way more fun than plain-old flash cards!

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a Sorry! game for $1. Keep reading below for 3 Sorry! games for the kindergarten classroom -- Sight Words, Double-Digit Number ID, and Over 100 Number ID.

I've made three versions to share. I changed the rules to make it more "kindergarten friendly." The kids only have one piece out of their "START" at a time, and the "Sorry!" cards let the kids go ahead 5 spaces instead of knocking an opponent's piece back.
Here's an example of a rules sheet:

And an example of the cards:

I've included a rules sheet and cards for each version. All you need is a game board and game pieces!
  • Sorry! Sight Word Edition (click HERE for rules and HERE for sight word cards)
  • Sorry! Double-Digit Number ID Edition (click HERE  for rules and HERE for number cards 11-99)
  • Sorry! Over 100 Number ID Edition (click HERE for rules and HERE for number cards 100-150)
I hope you enjoy them! Let me know what your kiddos think!

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  1. great ideas! thanks for sharing the cards and directions for everyone.


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