Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monopoly Jr. -- coin practice

Well, I love revamping board games for my kindergarten class. It's cheap, fun, and the kids love it! I can change any game to provide practice for any skill. When I found Monopoly Jr. at a garage sale for $1, I knew this would be a perfect game for coin practice. I plan to use this game during small group instruction (I will facilitate).


I know Monopoly Jr. already provides money practice. But the amounts used in the game ($1-$5) do not provide the practice I wanted. During the 4th quarter, my kindergartners always need extra practice with MAKING sets of coins. So, I simplified the game to practice from 2 cents to 26 cents. 
Keep reading below for more info AND the documents to make your own game!

One of my favorite parts of my game are the Chance cards. When a child lands on a Chance space, I will read him/her a question about money. If he/she gets it right, a second roll of the dice is earned! Questions cover coin amounts, sizes, and front and back pictures.

I slightly changed the rules to be more "kindergarten friendly." Also, when a child passes GO, he/she gets one of each coin. I plan to give each child a "handful" of coins to begin (no specific amount) -- this is not a competition, it's practice!

I'm sharing my rules sheet HERE and my Chance cards HERE (front) and HERE (back).

All you need to do is track down a game board and some coins, print, and go! Enjoy!

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