Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Differentiated Letter Bingo

We only have 3 days of school this week -- and yesterday, we went on a field trip all day! So, with 2 days this week, it was a perfect time to play "catch-up" and have some fun with the kids. 

One thing I love to do with my whole class is BINGO. They never get sick of it! It's so versatile -- you can practice any skill! I play all the time with my kids during small group instruction, but only on these "special days" do we play as a whole class. :)

I wanted to play letter bingo with my kinders, but I wanted to provide some differentiation. Kindergarten always presents a challenge in the range of abilities... but this year I have students who know less than 5 letters -- and students who know all 26 letters (uppercase and lowercase)! 

So, I came up with this Differentiated Letter Bingo -- and I love it! It's a great way to engage all my students on their level. I plan to "secretly" seat my class in two groups. I will show and say the letter to one group (to encourage matching and letter ID) -- and just say the letter or sound to the other group (to encourage fluency and phonemic awareness).


There are three levels of game boards -- the kids simply cut out their letters and glue them on the grid to create a bingo board! Then, you can call the letters by name, sound, or even a word that begins with that letter. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Click on the pictures above or HERE to download the printable.

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