Friday, October 26, 2012

Bow Wow! - number comparison game

My kids love this game. It's simple, easy-to-learn, fun, and great for practicing number identification and comparison.

I played this game this week with some of my students at math small group instruction. It's quick enough to play multiple times -- and the kids love the simple competitive nature.

Plus, it's dog-themed. Winner in my book. :)

It's basically the old card game "War." There are 3 colors of number cards (easy sorting!) The kids simultaneously flip a card onto the game board, say the number, and decide whose number is the largest. This person takes all the cards! When there's a tie, players flip another card on top (their favorite part, of course!)

The number cards also have a matching number of pawprints for kiddos who are still working on number ID, or those that need to see a visual to decide which number is larger.


I hope you enjoy the game! Click on the pictures above... HERE for the game board and HERE for the game cards.

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