Saturday, October 13, 2012

A walk with the kinders

Yesterday, our whole school went on a benefit walk for juvenile diabetes. The kids have been raising money for a couple weeks... and it all culminated with a fun walk on a great afternoon!

I, of course, basked in the beauty of enjoying my kinders. No lessons. Nothing structured. Just walking and talking. It was a beautiful thing.

We skipped.
We held hands.
We sang songs.
And, of course, they talked... and talked... and talked!

Here are a few of my favorite conversations from the walk (all from different students)...

Student 1 (pointing at a court): "Mrs. Anderson, is that for tennis?"
Me: "Yes. That's a tennis court."
Student 1: "Is tennis hard?"
Me: "I think so! I think it's very hard to keep the ball in the court!"
Student 2:" Pssh. Not for me. I'm awesome at tennis. One time, I got 10 strikes!!!"
Student 1: "Mrs. Anderson, what are you going to be for Halloween?"
Me: "I'm not sure yet. What do you think I should be?"
Student 1: "Maybe you could be a witch?"
Student 2: "No, you can't be a witch because you're not mean."
Student 1: "Oooh! I know! You should be a K-State fan."
Me: "Great idea."
Student 1: "Are we going on a field trip?"
Student 2: "No, we're going on a walk!"
Student 1: "Did we have lunch yet?"
Student 2: "Yes! We go home after our walk."
Student 1: "Ah man. This is so confusing."

I love these little minds. :)

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