Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean!

If you haven't read this book... you should stop what you're doing and go check it out at the library.

It's waaaaaay cute. Simple, repetitive text. Laugh-out-loud funny. Full of voice and expression... and TONS of ways you could use it in the classroom!

It's great for reinforcing size comparison (bigger than, smaller than), ordering (biggest to smallest), using voice and expression, perspective writing, etc. etc. etc. Gotta love simple, versatile books!

Here's how we used it today. We read it - twice. The first time, I read it as our "morning read-aloud" at calendar. The kids laughed and laughed. Then, during snacktime, we chorally read it together on the screen (it's a great confidence builder because it's so simple to remember and repeat).

The first page reads: "I'm a giant squid and I'm BIG!"
Second page: "I'm bigger than these shrimp!"
And the following pages all read something like this: "I'm bigger than this ______."
... and of course, he learns a lesson in the end :)

We made a great class book (always a favorite in our classroom). Class books are high-interest ways to encourage authentic writing. Even my reluctant writers all "listened for" the first letter sound in their word. Almost all "listened for" and wrote a final letter sound. This is exactly where I want my students at right now for writing!!!! Hooray!

Here are some great example pages:

I'm bigger than this mouse.

I'm bigger than this turtle.

I'm bigger than this ant.

Click HERE or on the pictures above for a printable cover and class book page template!

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  1. You have some little artists! I can't believe how good their drawings are.


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