Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today was a good day

Today = another great day in kindergarten. Funny, joyful, and always entertaining. :)

We had a few visitors come today from a local bank. It was "Teach Kids to Save" day, so they visited each grade and discussed different concepts of saving. They did a great job with the kinders! They talked about safe places and unsafe places to keep money. The kids loved it.

Here are a few little highlights from the bank program:


"A wallet is a good place to keep money. My dad keeps almost $10 in his wallet every week!"


Visitor: "Let's pretend you have your money in your sock drawer. What might happen if your mom goes through your sock drawer?"
Student 1: "She might take your money."
Golden Boy: "I doubt it."
[If you don't know know Golden Boy, read more about him HERE.]


GB: "My friend took a dollar from me."
Student: "What did you do?"
GB: "I took a dollar from him."


After the bank visitors left, I asked each kinder what they were saving their money for. Here are their word-for-word answers:

Mrs. A: "What are you saving for?"
"For college."
"For my vacation to Disney World."
"For a car."
"For a toy -- a Barbie."
"To go to SeaWorld."
"For a Jeep."
"For a Camaro."
"For birthdays."
"For a limosine."
"For college."
"For a yellow car."
"For a convertible and college."
"To buy toys."
"For a laptop."
"For Adventureland."


Last... but definitely not least... my favorite part of today.

At the end of each day, two students are "assigned" to feed, water, and clean-up our class pet, Ecko. Ecko is our adorable leopard gecko. Here he is:

The kinders LOVE him. It's so cute. I love the way they treat him so humanely, speak to him so kindly, and feed him his live crickets without even squirming. :) He has been a wonderful addition to our classroom for the past two years -- and a great lesson learned for the kinders.

Well, today, I was taking the lid on his cage for the kiddos to feed him, and I saw this...

I asked the kids who put them there and two of them quickly raised their hands. After asking them what they were, they simply replied: "They're books. For Ecko!"

Yep. A couple of my sweet little kinders wrote books for Ecko. Tiny, lizard-sized books. They even propped them up in front of his cage.

Even better... after school I saw him popping his head out and reading.
I can't wait to show the kinders this picture tomorrow!

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