Monday, April 29, 2013

"Earth Week" highlights

In our classroom, it's not just Earth Day... it's Earth Week! Here are a few highlights from our week:

Even though we do Dr. Seuss in March, I always save The Lorax for Earth Day. It's the perfect story for developing little tree-huggers. :) I love how the kinders honestly gasp when the Onceler cuts down the last tree. The horrified looks on their faces are just priceless. 

So, we made some adorable Lorax mustaches:

And I took each of their pictures...

... and we made these cute pointillism earths (paint + Q-tips)...

... then we glued our pictures in the middle and wrote about how we can help the Lorax take care of the Earth. Turn out great!

We went on a trash walk...

World's cutest Earth lovers.

Then, the kiddos brought in empty cereal boxes and snack boxes all week long. We spent a whole afternoon making crafts out of the boxes -- reusing!!! The kids were amazed with what we could make for free. And the best part is, we were helping the earth!

We made bookmarks with tracers, hole punchers, scissors, yarn, and markers.

The kids loved them! They turned out so cute.

Then, we cut up box fronts with pictures on them to make "puzzles."

I made direction signs to go along with both crafts so my kids could independently rotate between the two stations... and so we could make these at the science station during literacy workstations this week! Click HERE or on the picture above for the printables.

Then, we made "bird nest bags" by stuffing empty mesh produce bags full of sticks (from our trash walk), yarn, string, ribbon, paper, etc. We will hang them in trees on our playground to help the birds find what they need to make nests. Another great activity for reusing.

Last but not least, if you haven't read this book... stop what you're doing and read it! But, keep some tissues handy -- it will make you cry!!!
I know I say this all the time, but this one really is one of my FAVORITES.
Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibel

It was a great week!!!

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