Monday, April 8, 2013

Mailbox Monday

Okay, my mailbox is seriously getting out of control on a weekly basis. I need to get back to weekly "clean-outs!" And, of course, sharing the gems here.

As always, kinder-language transition provided. :)

[Dear Mrs. A, I like you being my teacher. I like you.]

[I love Mrs. A. She is the best. I like science. It's the best. When I grow-up I want to be a teacher. I like writing.] -- Hooray! Be a teacher! :)

I love this cute picture of me and Frankie saying, "I have the best owner." Cute, cute, cute!

The next few pictures are of a "book" made for me by one of my students (who seriously brings me things like this everyday!) She's so darling -- I'm a little concerned about her leaving for 1st grade... ha ha. You will see. :) I seriously cannot read this without laughing. 
[Mrs. A and Me]

[We are going to miss each other.]

[I am going to give her a present. I miss you, too.]

[I woke up. Mrs. A and me love each other. I wish it was summer.]

[I love my teacher. I miss you.]

[I love Mrs. A. Mrs. A loves me.]

[I miss you Mrs. A.]

Ha ha... oh dear. Love this little girl.

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