Thursday, April 4, 2013

3D Shapes Unit

We just finished up an awesome math unit on 3-D shapes. This has always been a subject my students enjoy, and that I enjoy teaching, but this year, my kinders really "got it." We did lots of guided exploration activities -- and the kids know, label, and recognize the shapes better this year than they ever have before! We had a lot of fun, too!

Here are a few highlights from our 3-D shapes unit:

3-D Shapes + Playdoh

This was a really fun, student-directed activity. After introducing the 3-D shapes and hunting for them in our classroom/books/lives, we explored the faces of the shapes. The kinders pushed the four major 3-D shapes (cylinder, cube, cone, and sphere) into a flattened disc of play-doh. They then recorded the shapes (indentions) each 3-D shape made. This was a great way to explore the properties of the shapes.

Click HERE or on the picture above for the printable.

3-D Shape Card Sort [Math Workstation]

My kinders go to 2 math workstations everyday, so I'm always needing new ideas. This is a simple way to provide rigorous practice with the 3-D shapes. The kinders sorted the picture cards by shape on a pocket chart and recorded the pictures on the page below. 
[I always use a recording sheet at my workstations. It provides my higher-ability learners with an enrichment opportunity. It also helps hold my kiddos accountable at their workstations.]

Click HERE or on the picture above for the printable.

3-D Shapes Snack [Celebration!]

This was a definite highlight of the unit. We celebrated our new knowledge by sorting, discussing, and eating 3-D shaped snacks! They loved it! I had the kids draw/label the snacks in each box.

We used: Bugles (cones), marshmallows (cylinders), cut-up pieces of Rice Krispie treats - not pictured (cubes), Kix cereal and cheese balls (spheres).

Click HERE or on the picture above for the printable.

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