Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday Mailbox [one day late]

Monday Mailbox is one day late. But, there were two goodies in there that made me smile today, and I know if I post them here, I'll never forget them. Love these cuties.

[As always... kinder translation provided.]

[Dear Mrs. A, I will miss you at the end of kindergarten.]
Simple and to the point -- cute! Also... amazing writing, huh?!

If you have read my mailbox posts before, you will recognize this little girl's drawing and writing. She loves me. Seriously. I'm quite concerned about our "break-up" at the end of May. She is hilarious -- and so sweet. This is from her rest time notebook:

From the top left -- [Can you rip this out? Love it! That is the best! Yay! Yes! We are going to the zoo. And we are going to the theatre. We love the earth.]
Pretty much sums it all up! :)


  1. Jamie --

    Where has your blog been hiding all this time? I just discovered it via a pinterest pin and have enjoyed the last hour of my life reading your thoughts and getting excited about some of the original and creative kindergarten ideas you've shared! Thanks! I'm a follower now!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. L! Great to connect with another kinder teacher. :) I'm glad you stopped by!!


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