Friday, April 26, 2013

This cuteness MUST be shared!

If you read my last post here, you know about the cute little books my kinders made for Ecko. 

Well, I showed them the picture of Ecko "reading," and of course... after you praise kids about something... you end up with something like this:

Ha ha! Of course, they went crazy with the little books and letters.

BUT... the strangest thing happened. Our nocturnal class pet stayed awake all day that day. "Reading."

I couldn't believe it. Lizards hide. That's what they do. Ecko has always stayed in his coconut shell all day long -- until we feed him. He has never stayed out all day!

I was as baffled as the kinders. But... it makes sense! A lizard who lives in a kindergarten class would love to read!!!

I had to share the little books and letters with you. They are probably the cutest things I've ever seen. I almost cried. :) This class is so genuinely kind, considerate, and adorable. Evidence here:

[You are the best.]

[Ecko is the best. He loves us. He will never forget us. He will love his mom.]

[Love you forever. From Lily. To Ecko.]

[I love Ecko. He is the best. Ecko is a Ecko Superhero. I love Ecko.]

Last, but not least... one of my kiddos wrote Ecko a chapter book. I put my fingers in the picture so you can just how small it is. The title is: Super Gecko.

Seriously?! I know! Cutest thing ever.

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