Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A "hail" of a day in kindergarten!

Today was hilarious.

It just was.

Everything that happened today was funny. I love this class so much -- they bring so much joy to my days. I had to come home and write about today. 

[If you don't know about  "Golden Boy," read more here.]

Golden Boy (looking at our class pet): "Mrs. Anderson, how do you know if leopard geckos are boys or girls?"
Me: "Well, that's the funny thing about geckos. You can't tell if they are boys or girls without taking them to a very special doctor. So, when I got Ecko, I decided he would just be a boy."
GB: "Well, that's good because I know he's a boy."
Me: "How do you know that?"
GB: "I can just feel it when I look at him."
Me: "Oh, I see."
GB: "Plus he has that long pointy thing on the back of him."
Me: "Well, dear, that's his tail. Remember when we learned about his tail?"
GB: "Yeah, do the girls have those, too?"
Me: "Yes, they do."


Today, we had a guest teacher in the classroom next door to us (in Mrs. S's room). She is a little person, and I have worked with her before. She is a great substitute teacher -- and, as could be expected, our little kinders were quite amazed. Mostly... Golden Boy when he first arrived at school.

GB (looking quite astonished): "Did Mrs. S shrink? Or is that a different person?"


But, the funniest thing that happened today was this morning at calendar time. I am so glad another adult (a para) was in the room at that time -- it was so funny! I'm so glad I had someone to laugh about this with. Like I always say about my job -- "You just can't make this stuff up!"

The kids and I were sitting in the reading pit and we just finished up our quick calendar routine (date, day of the week, etc.) My kids were dying to talk about the weather, so we took a nice long 10 minutes to talk about last night's weather. Around 8:00 last night, a brief, but violent, hail storm came. It only hit certain parts of the city, but hurt lots of cars and skylights.

We were discussing the storm and what happened (they learned a new word -- damage). One little girl said the hail did not happen at her house, so we were describing it for her. We were showing her with our fingers how big they were (about gumball size) and describing that they look just like round ice cubes.

One of the kids says: "Mrs. Anderson! There's one under your chair!"

Sure enough, I look under my chair, and there is a perfect hailstone on the carpet. The para and I look at each other very confusingly. I am quite shocked and I immediately start looking at the ceiling. 

The para and I are searching for a hole, when I say: "Boys and girls, do you know where this hailstone came from?"
One of my little guys says: "Oh! I do! They're right here in my pocket."

He then casually whips out two handfuls of perfectly preserved hailstones from his sweatshirt pockets!!!!

I was in tears laughing! It was probably the funniest, most innocent thing I've ever seen. He just brings them out like it's the most normal thing he's ever done.

I have no clue how he kept them frozen, but it was hilarious. The little girl who didn't see the hail sure was happy to see them. :)

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