Monday, March 4, 2013

The golden boy

If you read my "Pure Gold", this is more about my little kinder friend. I think I will start calling him the Golden Boy on my blog. He seriously has the funniest, most innocent, honest things to say! Everytime he comments or asks a question, I am reminded of just how lucky I am to enjoy little minds everyday. 

He just has a way of thinking that is different. When I look at him when I'm reading a book or we're discussing a topic, I can literally see his "wheels turning." He is such a clever little guy -- and cracks me up everyday.

Well, here's a little snippet from today. Look for more Golden Boy quotes soon. :) 


Mrs. A (while were talking about the letter W): "You're right. Before I was married, I had a different last name and it started with W -- Weaver."

... Golden Boy's wheels start turning...

GB: "Mrs. A, where do grown-ups come from?"
Mrs. A: "Well, they grow-up from babies and kids... like you!"
GB: "Yeah, I know that. But, like, how are grown-ups alive?"
Mrs. A: "Well, hmmm. Like I was a kid like you, and then I grew-up..."
GB: "No, no, no. I know that. But, like, how did God make grown-ups?"
Mrs. A (still confused how to answer this): "Well, grown-ups have babies, and then those babies have grown-ups..."
GB: "Yeah, but like who were the first grown-ups? Who started it all? Like, who were the first two grown-ups?"

... by this time, about 7 kids' hands have shot up because they realize they know that answer! I, on the other hand, am rapidly trying to figure out how to change the subject.


Never a dull day with the Golden Boy.

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