Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pure gold

Every year, you have one. One student who makes you laugh out loud everyday. And not because he/she is trying! Just because everything that comes out of his/her mouth is pure gold.

I have a little boy in my class just like that right now. He literally makes me laugh everyday. And, to top it off, he raises his hand probably 200 times a day. I try to call on him as much as possible -- because I know it's going to be good -- but he would comment all day if I let him! He has a comment for everything.

Well, over the last week or so, he has been on fire. He has no idea the comments that come out of him are hilarious -- but they are.

He simply reminds me to not take things so seriously. I thought I'd share some of his "gems" from the last week:


Student: "Mrs. A, why did you want to be a teacher?"
Mrs. A: "Well, because I love kids and I love to read. And it's so much fun!"
Student: "Really?! Because I think it looks like a whole lot of hard work."


Student: "Mrs. Anderson, I know why that policeman has a gun."
Mrs. A: "Why?"
Student: "To make bad guys put their hands up!"


Mrs. A: "Today, boys and girls, we are going to read a non-fiction book about Antarctica."
Student: "Oooh! I've been there!"
Mrs. A: "Are you sure? Remember when we read that only scientist go there?"
Student: "Well, yeah. I mean, my dad used to be a scientist, so he's been there."
Mrs. A: "Are you sure?"
Student: "Well, you just never know. I make stuff up all the time."


Visiting teacher: "Kinders, since we've been talking about being good friends, let's all turn to the person next to us and tell him/her a compliment."
Mrs A. (turning to student): "I like your writing you did in your journal today."
Student: "Thanks! I like your purple pants."
Mrs. A: "Thanks."
Student (turns to other side... sees only a chair) completely seriously: "Chair, I like you because you're strong."

*I literally cried laughing*


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