Thursday, February 7, 2013

Excuse me, officer!

There are not many experiences more exciting for a kindergarten class than a police officer visiting. The only possible rivals are a firefighter (most exciting for Mrs. A!) and an athlete of any sort. 

On Tuesday, a police officer visited as part of a school event. My kinders were absolutely star-struck. I could not stop laughing at the dreamy-eyed looks the little boys were following him with. Let's be honest -- it was probably because he had a gun (which he thankfully did not bring out).

It was hilarious because the kids were so eager -- and so cute! Here are my favorite quotes and notes from the day:


Student: "Mrs. Anderson, I know why that policeman has a gun."
Mrs. A: "Why?"
Student: "To make bad guys put their hands up!"


Officer: "What makes my uniform extra special, boys and girls?"
Student 1: "Your badge!"
Officer: "That's right. What other jobs wear a badge?"
Officer: "What kind of person wears a badge and might come to your house to help you if you're in danger?"
Student 2: "Oooh! A cowboy?"


Officer: "We've talked a little bit about never going with strangers or never taking anything from strangers. But, there are a few people you can trust -- your teacher, a firefighter, a doctor... who else? What people have you known all your life and you trust?"
Student: "Jesus."

We have been working on writing letters in our class - and we even have a dramatic play post office in our classroom! Well, I found this little *gem* today in our "outgoing" mailbox. [Kinder writing translation provided!]

Outside envelope [Policeman]

Inside letter [Thank you for coming and thank you for showing your tazer.]

Hilarious! Love these kids.

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