Monday, March 4, 2013

Things that made me laugh this week

I don't know what it was about last week, but it was pretty hilarious. Had to share some of my favorites.


Mrs. A: "Boys and girls, we have been learning a lot about money in math. Why do we need money?"
Student 1: "So we don't die."
Mrs. A: "Okay... so we can buy things we need to live. Anyone want to add on to that?"
Student 2: "So we can buy a t.v. so we're not bored all the time."
Mrs. A: "Okay... so we can buy things that we want, too. Anyone else?"
Student 3: "This is pretty much gonna sum it all up. We need money so we don't get poor and lonely."


(I am cutting out lamination during rest time, and a student is watching me.)
Student: "Mrs. Anderson, are you magic?"
Mrs. A: "No, I'm not magic. What do I do that makes you think I'm magic?"
Student: "Everything!"


And lastly... a great little story a student wrote about an elephant. The second line says it all. :)

By the way... It's supposed to say "I love peanuts." :)

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