Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mailbox clean out

My mailbox has gotten a bit out of control lately. 
I thought I would clean it out this morning and share some "gems."

There's a picture of me, my hubby, and our dog. Adorable.

This one cracked me up! It was a picture from a little girl before she left for Spring Break.
That's me in the house on the left and her in the house on the right. We are very sad because, as our talk bubbles say, "I really miss her!" (See the road between us and sad hearts?! CUTE!)
The bottom says: "I love Mrs. A. She is the best teacher ever."
I might keep this little one for 1st grade, too. ;)

This little girl is quite the writer. She wrote me an acrostic poem of my name: Awesome, Nice, Dog lover, Extremely cool, Really pretty, Sharing, Outrageous, Nature lover. So sweet -- and amazing writing!!!

I love this next letter -- it even came in an addressed envelope: 

Dear Mrs. A -- Do you like cats? Do you like me? Do you like the sun? Do you like dots? Do you like stations? Do you like jumping?

Ha ha! Can you tell we just learned about questions?! :)

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