Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things that made me laugh this week

Thursday was our first day back to school -- and it was simply awesome being back with my kinder babies. :) I love my holiday break as much as every other teacher, but one of the best parts about being away from the kids is coming back.

After Christmas, I had a bit of a "holiday hangover." I don't know if anyone else gets this way, but after the holidays, I just have a hard time getting going again.

That all changed on Thursday. My class is like a breath of fresh air. They bring me back to life. They were thrilled to be back -- and to share what Santa brought them!

As always, my kinders kept me laughing this week. Here are a few highlights (in case you need cheered up)...


Mrs. Anderson (while reading a book): "Oooh, when the rabbit saw the eagle's sharp talons, he decided to move over."
Student 1: "What are talons?"
Mrs. Anderson: "Good question. Does anyone know what talons are?"
Student 2: "I do! It's something you have... you know... like when you're in a talent show."


Student: "Santa brought me an iPad. Well, actually, it's a Leapster, but I like to call it an iPad."


Student (on Thursday): "Mrs. Anderson, I bet I know what you're doing tonight."
Mrs. Anderson: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
Student: "I bet you're going to watch K-State football."
Mrs. Anderson: "You're right! I am."
Student: "Yeah, I know a lot about football. Did you know they're playing Oregon?"
Mrs. Anderson: "Yes, I did."
Student: "Yeah. Did you know they have a really good quarterback?"
Mrs. Anderson: "Yes, I sure did."

[This little guy is kind of in love with me and is always "doing his homework" on K-State football to impress me!]


Student: "Did you know that when you're a grown-up, Santa only brings you boring stuff like socks??"


It was a great two days... looking forward to a great semester!!! I'm already dreading saying good-bye to this class in May.

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