Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our 100th Day of Kindergarten [in pictures]

Yesterday was the 100th day of kindergarten! It was easily one of my favorite days of teaching - ever. It was fun, exciting, full of learning opportunities -- and overall, a wonderful celebration. 

Here's a wrap-up of our 100th day [in pictures].

100th day small group stations

Click HERE for my post including the snack printable.

[Inspiration from Joyful Learning in KC]

[This was a cheap, easy idea... and a HIT!!!]

[Cut off two sections of an egg carton -- perfect counting trays! The kids counted 10 Fruit Loops into 10 sections = 100!] My kids seriously loved this. Some of them would not quit until it was done! :)
[Inspiration from Growing Kinders]

[A favorite of almost all the kids! Trace and make a crown to wear. The one on the top is my crown I wear every year -- I've saved it since my first year!]

100th day show-and-tell 

100th day art
[Inspiration from Mrs. Maya's Kindergarten]

[So cute! Use bingo dotters for easy gumballs -- 10 of 10 different colors!]

100th day math
[Inspiration from Mrs. Meacham]

[I hid 100 stickers around the room with the numbers 1-100 written on them. The kids raced back to the hundred board with their sticker and avidly searched for where to put it. Challenging -- and fun!]

Awesome day -- on all levels! I overhead many "I wish everyday was the 100th day!" yesterday.
Me too!

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