Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mailbox

There are some cuties today! [As always... translation provided for those of you who do not read kinder writing!]

[I have the best teacher in the world.]
 This one nearly made me cry! Just what I needed to get going on a Monday morning.

This seriously cracked me up. I have no idea who it's from -- but it's hilarious!

[Dear Mrs. A - Do you like my birthday?]

I'm looking pretty good on this sunny day!

Okay... just had to share this adorable book one of my kinders put in my mailbox. It's amazing. So much expression and voice... and GREAT writing! I love how she retold the story. Just adorable.

The cover.

Starting from the right page... [Once upon a time, there was a gingerbread man.]

[Walking on a sidewalk, he met a fox.]

Starting from the right page... [Oh no! A river. The fox said, "Get up on my nose." So he did.]

Starting from the right page... [It got higher. He said, "Get up on my tongue." So he did.]

[The fox gobbled him up.] 

Starting on the right page... [So, the people made another one and they shared it.]

[The end.]

So proud! So cute!

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  1. Wow, what a smartie! It's amazing how much more kinders do than when I was that age.


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