Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brain reading

I will do anything to get my kinders' attention. Anything.

It's embarrassing.

I always say I'm 50% teacher... 50% actress. 

I'm loud. I'm theatrical. I'm ridiculous. But, the kids love it. :)

Motivation is key in a classroom. If a child is motivated, he/she will take academic risks. Academic risks = learning!!!

I will do anything to get my kinders' to practice reading. My kids are much more willing to take risks and practice difficult decoding skills when I keep it exciting.

One of my their FAVORITES recently -- "Brain Reading." Here's the scoop...

1. Print a sheet of labels with targeted CVC words. [We're working on short /o/ words.]

2. Print a recording sheet (to increase accountability during the activity).

3. Put a label on each child's forehead [they will giggle!!!]

4. Walk around... read... and write!!

Now, instead of sounding out CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words on flash cards... we are reading and writing from each others' brains!!!

Like I said... I'll do anything to get them "hooked." But, let me tell you -- IT WORKS! :)

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  1. Very funny idea! I too feel as though I am always entertaining my kinders. All I know is they are happy and still visit me as 5th graders!


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