Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Thursday!] Monday Mailbox

Okay, I'm a little late this week. But, this is the time of year when I REALLY love their letters and drawings.

I've been "bragging" about this class all year long -- on my blog, to other teachers, and especially to their parents. This class is amazing, and everyday teaching them is a joy. 

I cry every year on the last day of school -- it's just so amazing how far they've come. They started as my little kinder babies... and they've become readers, writers, and motivated learners. This year... I know will be extra hard. 

My kinders and I have been counting down the days until the last day of school. My kids this year seem to "get it" a little more than years in the past. They totally understand the bittersweetness of this time of year.

I have been getting the sweetest, most heartfelt letters and drawings in my mailbox to say "goodbye." I treasure these notes so much -- I will make sure to share more on the blog over the next week! 

I love this sweet little picture. Just darling.

[I will miss you after kindergarten. I will miss you a lot.]

This one killed me! So sweet. I taught the kids the word "bittersweet" when we started talking about the end of the year. I told the kids the end of kindergarten is bittersweet for me -- a little happy, a little sad. This letter nearly made me cry:
[Dear Mrs. A - Bittersweet to you. I am so sad.]

[Dear Mrs. A - I love how you teach kindergarten.]

Love my little writers!

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