Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet goodbyes

Yesterday was our last day. I'm absolutely heartbroken over "letting go" my kinder babies! This class was simply amazing. Everyday with them was easy-going and wonderful. Even a parent volunteer from yesterday's "Fun Day" stopped me after school -- "I just wanted to tell you that your class was the best class our station saw all day!"

One of the highlights of the last week of school are the sweet goodbye letters and pictures I find in my mailbox and gift bags. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites here:

This one came from a former student. I had her little brother in kindergarten this year, and she wrote this in the card from their family. So sweet!

This little guy really loved kindergarten - [Awesome, sweet, happy teacher. I love you. Bittersweet.]

I love this picture - adorable! And, it was drawn by a little boy! 

[Thank you for being my teacher.] Simple and perfect.

[You are the best teacher. I hope I see you next year. I love you.]

I hope my class next year is as wonderful as this year!

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  1. I hope Eva has a teacher like you when she gets to Kindergarten!!! :) Enjoy your summer. Can't wait to SEE YOU SOON!


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