Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plants printables

My kinders and I recently started our unit on plants. The kids absolutely love it. Here are some highlights from our unit and some printables.

We learned about the four parts of the plant -- roots, stem, leaves, flower. We learned each part's "job" with this song. (Click on the picture for printable)

Next, we added food coloring to water and watched as our white carnations slowly changed colors. This was a great way to visualize how the stem works - bringing water up the plant.

It was beautiful and lasted all week. The kids ran to check them every morning! We left the first cup plain so we would have something to compare with.

Then, OF COURSE we planted some bean seeds. It was a simple, but extremely engaging activity for the kids. 

We will be watching our seeds...

... and keeping a journal of our observations (click the picture below for the printables).

This week (no pictures yet!), we will be doing a seed/plant match. I have 8 different packets of seeds for a variety of plants (pumpkins, sunflowers, bulbs, etc.) I kept the seed packets with the pictures on them. I am going to put the seeds in small, clear cups and challenge the kinders to try to match the seeds to the grown plant! I think they will be very surprised when they see the answers! Click the picture below for a printable.

Have fun!! :)

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