Sunday, August 25, 2013

Funny things this week

Well, my class is off to a GREAT start this year! Honestly! I am enjoying my kinders so much so far. They are not perfect... but I love them just the way they are. Energetic, wide-eyed, a bit challenging (sometimes more), and full of enthusiasm. 

This is the time of year when the kids start really "opening up" and becoming comfortable. Therefore they raise their hands and offer comments more. Therefore they say funny things. 

I promise to post the funny things as they come along! Here are a few goodies from this week:


Student (at recess): "I need to go to the bathroom."
Miss M. (my teammate): "Okay, let's walk to the door."
... students walks extremely slow...
Miss M: "Don't you think we should walk a little faster so we don't have an accident?"
Student: "If I walk any faster, things are going to start falling out."

I have this ADORABLE little girl in my class with the most old-fashioned hilarious name ever. I adore her. She is funny, smart, sweet -- she's like a tiny little grown-up. So, my teammate and I have gotten in the habit of calling her "Nugget."
Well, Nugget was called up in front of the school at assembly this week for showing excellent greeting skills (our social skill of the week). She came back to her seat beaming, and when I went to give her a high five, she said... "I faced my fear! I'm afraid of stage fright!" Then she added... "I'm also afraid of other children, but that's going away." She is awesome.


I have a little brown-skinned, brown-eyed beauty in my class this year. She is just gorgeous -- and will continue to be, I can just tell. She is sweet as can be and is just trying her best when it comes to everything. There is nothing more that I love then a kindergartner who gives everything the "ol' college try," even when they have no idea what the answer is. 

Mrs. A: "Honey, I'm going to point to some lowercase letters and if you know what the letter is called, tell me. If you don't know, just try your best or say 'I don't know.;"
(I point to g) Student: "That's a 9."
(I point to t) Student: "That's Jesus' cross."
(I point to l) Student: "Well, thats just a line."


Speaking of giving things the "ol' college try," I have a little guy who is always trying. His guesses for things he doesn't know are hilarious. And the funniest thing is that he knows it's funny -- because after he hears his answer and realizes how ridiculous it is, he always laughs. I honestly could not hold in my giggles when I was assessing his letter sound and number knowledge.

Mrs. A: "I'm going to point to a letter and I want you to try to tell me what sound that letter says. Try your best."
Student: "Okay."
(I point to the first letter) Mrs. A: "What sound does this letter make?"
Student: "Uh uh."
Mrs. A: "Okay, what about this letter?"
Student: "Beep beep."
Mrs. A (trying to hold it together now): "What sound does this letter make?"
Student: "Ding dong."
My giggles are just out of control by now. He continues with "bawk bawk, ha ha, ho ho, and moo."

This same little guy was a little confused with numbers...

Mrs. A (pointing to 13): "What number is this?"
Student: "3 and a half."
Mrs. A (pointing to 20): "What about this number?"
Student: "2:30."


And probably the best statement of the week -- just sums it all up. :) My students have been going through a lot of short assessments the last couple weeks. We need to assess what they already know so we have a read on their prior knowledge and experiences. Some school staff members have been trained to administer a quick, timed assessment of letter names and sounds with students (called Aimsweb). The staff members have been pulling my students one at a time for about 3-5 minutes throughout the day until they have all been assessed.

Well, one staff member came to pull a little girl in my class during stations. And she was not too happy about leaving her playtime!

Student (looking up at staff member): "My mom signed me up for fun -- she didn't sign me up for this."

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