Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Funny things, sweet things, and everything in between

Well, the last couple days have been a huge success! I can't believe how well my students are doing already. They are surprising me everyday in wonderful ways. Don't get me wrong -- I have some challenging students and some little ones who will need a little (a lot) of extra support along the way... but overall, I am so very pleased with the crew I have been blessed with. I know the challenges will make me better... their cuteness will keep me cheered along the way... and their eagerness to learn and please will make everyday worthwhile.

This week so far has been full of funny things, sweet things, and just about everything in between. So much to reflect on and remember in such a short amount of time already! 


One thing that always cracks me up about new kinders is their confusion with how/when/where/what they will eat. When you think about it, it's a huge deal! Their parents drop them off at this strange new place with no food or a mysterious zippered box in their backpacks. How strange. :)

Usually, I lose count of how many little ones ask me, "Is it snacktime yet?" or "When's lunch?" or "Wait... I didn't bring a lunch. What do I do?!" But, this year, none of my kinder asked or seemed concerned! 

Right when they walked in on Monday, I sat them down inside the classroom door and clearly and repeatedly explained that everyone today would be eating either their lunch from a lunchbox or a corndog from the school. They all nodded and accepted it like a bunch of champs. Success.

However, after morning recess when we sat down for the class snack, one little girl looked extremely concerned and confused. I stopped by each table and distributed animal crackers onto their napkins. This poor little darling looked up to me with disappointment and said, "I thought you said we were having corndogs!" I couldn't help but giggle. Too cute.


At the beginning of the year, it's always interesting to see which little ones are already beginning to read. Some kids just pick it up so gracefully and naturally. Some others benefited from quality pre-school programs. Regardless, there's always a couple who are at least beginning to figure it out.

So, when I'm showing words or reading at the beginning of the year, I often pause and give opportunities for the kids to read. That way, I can kind of "get a feel for" the class.

Yesterday afternoon, we were discussing how many people lived in our houses. The kids were taking turns placing hearts with their names on them onto the board under different numbers. It was a great way to practice counting.

I made signs up to the number 6. The last one said "more." I held up the sign and said, "This one doesn't have a number on it. It says m-o-r-e. Does anyone know what that word says?"


One little boy tries... "J?"

Another one tries... "3?"

Gotta love the effort. :)


I have a little guy in my class that I just know I will be writing about a lot. Like I've always said... "there's one every year!"

We're going to call this one Mighty Mouse.

Well, Mighty Mouse is exactly like he sounds. Tiny, full-of-life, funny little voice, and never slows down. He's irresistibly adorable and charmingly ornery. He's brutally honest and overly dramatic. Examples provided:

Mighty Mouse (comes to me at recess and grabs my hand): "Come here."
Me: "Okay. What's going on, bud?"
MM: "I want to go on the tire swing."
Me: "Okay. There's a line right here to wait your turn."
MM: "But, I don't want a line."
Me: "I know, bud. But, we have to wait our turn. If you don't want to wait, you can go play something else!"
MM: "But, I want to get on the tire swing."
Me: "Well, I'll stand in line with you."
MM: "No. I don't think I want a line here."
............ continues for at least another minute. Hilarious.
Me: "Hey bud, did you tell your mom and dad how you scraped your nose at recess?"
MM: "Yep. And I told them how I went to the hospital room."
(a.k.a. the health room)
Oh, and the overly dramatic side of Mighty Mouse. I can't help but just laugh!
"I didn't get a turn to say my idea. I'll never have a turn."
"Ugh. I'm never going to get on the tire swing. Ever."
"She's going to sit next to me all the time. For the rest of my life."

Last, but not least, are my two heart-warming moments from the week. Yes, teaching kindergarten is funny. The kids are cute. It's exhausting, rewarding, and unpredictable. But, in the long run... it's these things that really matter.

1. I heard my first, "I love you" today at dismissal. And it came from the least likely kid. He was at the front of the line when we were leaving. He poked me in the side, looked up at me and just said, "I love you." He wrapped his arms around me and I thought I would melt inside. As the year goes on, I'll hear it more -- I'll see it in letters -- they'll "battle" to see who can say the nicest thing to me. But, there's something really special about a little pair of brown eyes that you know has seen a lot of heartache saying that on the third day of school.

2. If anyone reading this is a parent, and you like your child's teacher, read on. If you really want to make your child's teacher smile and feel great about what he/she does, write an e-mail to the principal. One of my student's parents did that today and my principal forwarded it on. I almost cried, it was so kind. It was exactly the "cup of tea" I needed to finish up the week. 

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