Friday, November 2, 2012

My little scientists

I. love. science.

It's no secret. I'm kind of obsessed with teaching science.

Over the last 4 years, I have had some wonderful experiences in my district -- and I am so blessed and thankful for these experiences and the knowledge I have gained.

In turn... my KINDERS love science. They talk about it all the time -- and I love the "carry-over" throughout the day.

Well, over the last couple weeks, we have been exploring different types of fabric in science. We've felt, talked about, and compared different types and their uses.

Today, we went on a classroom "fabric hunt." The kids took labels around the room and marked the items they saw that were made of fabric. They then used their science notebooks to record what they found.

I came home this afternoon and threw my coat on the couch. That's when I saw this...

I have no idea when/how it happened, but one of my little scientist labeled my coat hanging behind my desk... and I brought a little piece of science home with me today.

I love my little scientists :)

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