Monday, November 5, 2012

Kinder presidential chatter

It's safe to say I know each and every one of my students' parents' political stances.

We had a "mock election" at school today -- and it was wonderful. I can't wait to hear our school's results on Wednesday!

My favorite parts:

  • The discussion about the president's job.
  • The hilarious things the kids said about the president and/or election.
My students' favorite parts:
  • The sparkly American flag pencils they got.
  • The "I voted" stickers.
  • Putting the ballot in the "special box."

It was so much fun -- and I loved giving the kids this responsibility. It really empowered them, and they were so interested in the president and the election (in other years, my students are not really interested in the president at all).

It fueled some great questions...

"Are we voting for a new principal?" (answer... "No, just a president.")

"Does he move into the White House tomorrow?"

And, of course, sparked some great quotes...

"Barack Obama makes people not believe in God."

"My mom said Mitt Romney only likes rich people."

"Mitt Romney has like a million kids."

Just a priceless day all around. 

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