Friday, March 14, 2014

Cuteness overload!

I have been hoarding cute and funny pictures, stories, quotes on my blog in the "drafts" folder for far too long. Time to clean it out and share all the cuteness.


On our March calendar, there is a four-leaf clover. The kids and I had a talk about how four-leaf clovers are lucky and some people even make wishes on them. So, I asked them what they would wish for, and these were their responses (so darn cute!)

A pony.
A bottle of candy.
Some armor.
I had a flower.
Nice friends.
A pony.
Castle set.
A cat with some kittens.
Another brother because he only has sisters.
The movie, Frozen.
A robot.
A snake.
Another brother.
My favorite food would fall out of the sky -- bacon. [SO AWESOME]
A big sister.
A real sword.


The kids have been kind of mushy lately -- it's actually pretty funny and cute. It might be because of the baby, but the kids have been even more loving than usual. Evidence:

Student 1: "I'm never leaving kindergarten."
Mrs. A: "You're never leaving me?"
Student 1: "Yep."
Student 2: "Y'know what I'm going to do? When I die, I'm going to come back to life and come to this school."
Slightly creepy... but still kind of sweet.


Every Wednesday, we have letter show-and-tell to celebrate the "letter of the week." On that day, the kids can bring something from home that starts with that letter. They LOVE it!

Sometimes, the show-and-tell items can be quite "telling" about their family and home. Letter J show-and-tell day just made me laugh. Two little girls who were sitting right next to each other brought two very different items.

One little girl proudly shared a figurine of Jesus for her show-and-tell. She talked about how this is a very important person at her house (which seriously melted my heart). Oh, the girl next to her? She brought a picture of Jack Black, and made sure to tell us he was also a very important person in her house. I was dying inside - so funny (but maybe a little sad too...)


Mrs. A: "Kinders, don't worry if I sound a little funny today. I just have a cold."
Student: "Oh, I thought maybe the baby was squishing you inside."


I am big on the drama station in our classroom. I rotate the themes about every 2 months to keep it fresh and interesting for the kids. It's perfect for encouraging language, writing, and reading skills -- as well as social interaction, pretend play, and imagination. I LOVE IT!

Right now, our "theme" is the kinder post office. It has been super successful this year. We recently completed a big unit in writing on letter writing. So, the kinders have been applying their new skills at the drama station. They can write letters to each other, stuff them in envelopes, and even address the envelopes. Then, when they drop them in the mailbox, students are able to later "deliver them" to cubbies. They love it!

Well, I have been getting my fair share of cute letters from this station. The envelopes crack me up and the letters inside are adorable!

[Dear Mrs. A - Do you want to come over?]

[Dear Mrs. A - I love Mrs. A. I like how you teach.]

[Dear Mrs. A - You are the best teacher I ever had. The best in the world.]


And lastly, just some cute stuff from the kinders...

[I like the 'Nited State of the America and the people. I like the 'Merican flag and my friends.]

Cutest picture of our class pet -- love the heat lamps on top and accurate drawing of his habitat!

Oh, and the little girls in my class (who love drawing me pictures anyways) have a new favorite thing. Making "happy birthday" cards for the baby. :)

Time for Spring Break... I'm sure the cuteness will be back in full force the next week. :)

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