Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I thought I'd heard it all...

Beginning of the year assessment is hilarious to me. I always call kindergarten "the great equalizer," because every year, I have students come in knowing ALL the letters and sounds, and students come in knowing NONE of the letters and sounds.
When I assess letter sounds, I point to a letter and ask the student to tell me what sound it makes. For a few students, this is easy - they have lots of prior knowledge. For most of the kids, they might know the letters in their name, but that's it. Several students always look at me like I'm crazy.
I thought I'd heard it all. I've had kids grunt, squeak, whisper, and make up their own letter sounds. But today.... I actually had a kid make animal sounds for each letter. Bless his heart, he actually made a different animal sound for each letter. M says "moo," S says "bawk bask," and L saids "neigh."
Classic. I'll never forget it.

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