Thursday, April 10, 2014

Really Great Questions!

For the last two weeks in writing, we have learned about questions and using question marks. We talked all about what questions are, what words help us make questions, how our voice sounds when we ask questions, etc. It has been really fun!

My kinders this year have been ALL ABOUT writing books and being authors -- and I, of course, eat up every bit of it. I love their enthusiasm! So, this week, we used our new question knowledge to write the Book of Really Great Questions! We talked about those "I wonder" questions we all have about the world, life, animals, etc. that just don't really have answers to them.

I was amazed with the questions they came up with!! I couldn't believe it! I promise -- I didn't help them at all with the writing OR coming up with the questions. They came up with such awesome questions! I love their curiosity. It's the perfect project for a classroom full of six-year-olds who just love to ask "Why?"

So, I spent some time going through all 20 of my kinders' books and took pictures of some of my favorite questions. I seriously love them. So, here is about 45 of them -- ha! I hope you enjoy them. If you're anything like, they might make you laugh... but they might also make you think and wonder!!!

[As always -- kinder writing translation is provided!]

Example cover

Why do dolphins squeak?

Where does grass come from?

How do dogs bark?

How do computers work?

How are people made?

How do tornadoes start?

Where does water come from?

How does it start raining?

Why do we have baby?
[This little guy got a baby sister this year -- and I think he knows where it came from!!!]

Why do we have rainbows?

Why do zebras have stripes?

Why are giraffes so tall?

Why do boy lions have a mane?

Why do trees have branches?

Where do rainbows come from?

Why do we have the moon?

How did they make the world?

Why do chickens lay eggs?

Why is the last color of the rainbow purple?

Why do cats meow?

Why do jellyfish have lots of legs?

How do fish breathe under water?

How do people make plastic?

Why are babies tiny?

Why does the sun shine?

Why does Ecko have spots

Where does stars come from?

Who made the planet?

Why does the sun set?

Why do people in Arizona don't have basements?

Why do people go on trips?

How did people come alive?

Is the Easter Bunny real?

Why are leaves green?

Why can Jesus walk on water? With a boat? With people?

Why do we have to pay for our stuff we buy?

Why do we have to go to bed all the time?

Why do we need doors in our classroom?

Why does snails have slime?

Why do ice cream have to be cold?

Why can't people breathe under water?

Why can't dogs talk like humans?

Why does fire have to be hot?

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