Sunday, November 10, 2013

My new dream job

I love my job (I think you should know that by now).

But, I'm realistic. 

Do I think I could teach forever? Sure! But, do I think I could teach the way I do now forever? No. I currently pour 100% of my energy into my job. And I love it! I reap the benefits from that sacrifice with wonderful classes, fun-filled days, and a classroom I love walking into everyday. But, I'm realistic. I know that one day, when there's multiple children running around our house and I'm truly exhausted, I know I won't be able to teach the way I do. 

So, I got my Master's degree in something new -- Early Childhood Special Education. I wanted to open up my options just in case I ever needed or wanted a new career. However, it had to revolve around my love for children, passion for early childhood quality education, and interest and love for special education.

This morning, on the Today show, I saw my new dream job. This is it -- this is sooo what I need to do one day if I'm ever not teaching!!

Check out the website -- watch the short video. I hope it warms your heart the way it warms mine. If it doesn't, you should check because you might be dead. :)


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