Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Candy Science

If you know me at all as a teacher, you know I live for science. I love it. It is honestly the most engaging, fun, memorable part of the day. 

With that being said, today was not a good day for an intense science lesson on the unit we've been working on -- paper. 

It's the day after Halloween. Two words for you -- candy hangovers. My little ones were some strange mix of excited, exhausted, and over-stimulated today. 

Inspired by this pin on Pinterest, we did some Halloween science. I originally planned it because I thought it would be a fun way for the kids to use some of their Halloween candy. However, it turned into a wonderful lesson full of questions, predictions, discussion, and exploration. It's definitely a "keeper" for future years.

And... NO, I'm not going to tell you all the results. You are going to need to try it for yourself!!! :)

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