Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindergarten Round-Up -- Hungry Caterpillar theme

Yesterday was Kindergarten Round-Up... one of my favorite days of the year! I absolutely loving seeing the looks on their faces. It always rejuvenates me for the coming year, and reminds me exactly why I teach kindergarten!

This year, we went with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle for our theme. It's a simple, but well-loved story -- and lends itself to cute decorations!

Here's a "round-up" of highlights from our day:
It's always difficult to find an appropriate art/craft for our little pre-kinders. Many of these little ones have never been to pre-school, so scissors are out of the question on this day! :) 

To make this cute little caterpillar, the kids simply glued strips of paper into a circle and added pipe cleaners for antennae. My favorite part was the counting practice. Together, we held the ends of the strips together and counted to 10 or 20 each time. 
(Thanks for the inspiration ABC & 123!)

We wanted our incoming families to become familiar with important people they will encounter at our school. So, my teammate made this cute caterpillar with photos of us, the principal, P.E. teacher, counselor, etc. It turned out looking great, but also served a great purpose at our entrance.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Project Project!)

An important routine we have added to our annual round-up is the "family photo spot." We found that when discussing observations of the kids and making class lists, it was often difficult to remember which name belonged to which child! So, upon arrival, families have their picture taken at our decorated photo spot. This way, we have a picture of each family to make our discussion more productive -- and the families get a picture as souvenir! Here is the "photo spot" we used this year (aren't we cute?!)

 It was a GREAT day... and we will probably be using this theme again next year. It was wonderful!

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