Friday, March 25, 2011

From the outside looking in

Something truly amazing happened during indoor recess today. Something that made me genuinely smile to myself and reflect.

I was working on cleaning out my desk mailbox. It was overflowing with pictures and letters, and I am bound and determined to keep up my promise of writing back to each student. So, as I was writing little notes back to my students, I look up from my desk to see a group of six girls sitting cross-legged in a circle on the floor. They each have a whiteboard on their lap and are writing with a dry-erase marker. 

Here is the conversation I overheard:
Girl 1 (holding up her whiteboard to the group): "What's wrong with my sentence?"
Girt 2: "You forgot to use a period."
Girl 1: "That's right! You are so smart! I forgot to use a period. Now you all write a sentence on your board."
Girl 3: "Okay, let's pretend I'm not paying attention."
Girl 1: "Don't forget those spaces!"

It soon became obvious that they were playing school -- and very accurately portraying our classroom! I heard phrases being said in my exact intonation, exact imitations of my teaching mannerisms, and adorable reenactments of how I provide positive feedback to my students. It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I sat back in my chair and simply smiled. There was something sweetly honest and innocent about their game. That was definitely my "feel good" for the week.

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