Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Kinder Valentine's Day... & move over, Mom!

What a week! I am utterly exhausted from a week full of evening parent-teacher conferences and sugar-fueled Valentine's day parties. However, I have had some really sweet and funny "high points" to this week and I'm glad I am taking the time to reflect and remember them.


First of all, Valentine's Day in kindergarten is pretty darn cute. They are extra sweet on top of their normal adorableness. We recently worked on writing letters in our room and the important aspects of a letter (dear, from). So, this week, we cut out hearts and wrote Valentine letters to people we love.

I told the kinders they could write to anyone they wanted to outside of school. Basically, I was telling them they had to write to someone other than me. :) Ha! I've kind of become a "safe" writing topic and I'm trying to expand their horizons a bit.

I took pictures of some of my favorites. They are adorable and so genuine. 

[Dear Mom and Dad, I love you guys! You are funny. I like your cookies. I love you the best in the family.]

The next two are funny because these little ones always call their parents by their first names (which seriously cracks me up when they tell stories!)
[Dear Jon, I love you. You are funny. I like your smile. You are awesome.] a.k.a. Dad

[Dear Sarah, I love you. You are awesome. I like your hugs.] a.k.a Mom

Gotta love the little ones who write to their pets. Don't ever underestimate how much an animal can mean to a child! 
[Dear Fish, I love you! You are beautiful. I like your nice fins.]

[Dear Dog, I love you! You are cute. I like your licks.]

 The last two wrote to their siblings. I sure hope my children one day love each other this much!
[Dear Jackson, I love you. You are kind. I like your smiles.]

[Dear Lyra, I love you! I love when you laugh. I like to play with you. From your sister.]


Then, of course, I found some pretty adorable letters in my Valentine bag today. You would think these things get old after five years. But, they just don't. There's something so amazing and genuine about a kindergartner applying all they know about letter sounds, words, and handwriting to create a message for you. 

[Dear Mrs. A, Be my Valentine.]

[Dear Mrs. A, You are the best teacher in the whole wide world. I love to write.]


Last, but not least, a hilarious and adorable story from a mom at parent-teacher conferences. I think an appropriate title for this story is "Move over, Mom!" This mom and I laughed about this for at least five minutes. My heart was just overflowing.

I had one of my great conferences last night. You know, one of those conferences when the parents sit down at the table and I can just say, "Your child is wonderful! Perfect!" Those are always fun. :) Well, I was explaining to this mother and father about how great their daughter (we will call her C in this story) is doing at school. I was telling them how much I really love their daughter and how much joy I get out of seeing C blossom in reading and writing. So, our story begins:

Mom: "Well, I can assure you the feeling is mutual. Because C absolutely loves you."

Me: "Yes, I love all the pictures and letters I get everyday. I always tell her how much I love every single one of them (laughing because there are about 10 a day!)"

Mom: "You should see all the letters that don't make it to school. I swear she writes you 5 love notes every night before she goes to bed."

Me: "Ha ha - she is so sweet."

Mom: "Yes, but I don't think you understand how much she loves you. She wants to be exactly like you. Before Christmas, I got a pair of brown riding boots like the ones you are wearing. With zippers on the side and buckles. C kept saying how she really wanted brown boots. So, I found matching ones for her for Christmas. She opened the box at Christmas and started gasping. Here I am wearing my boots and she starts screaming, 'Oh my god! They are just like Mrs. Anderson's boots! With the zippers and buckles and all!'"

We both laugh...

Mom: "Oh, it gets worse. That one wasn't as bad as the last thing that happened. I love how you have taught them to write letters -- and I love that you write the kids back."

Me: "I try to write back as much as I can because they like it so much."

Mom: "Oh yeah, she loved it! C got it out of her backpack right away and showed me. Then she ran to her room with it. Later that night, when I went in to put her to bed, I saw it on her night stand. She had taken a picture frame with a picture of her and I in it... taken the picture out and put your letter in the frame!"

Ha ha -- adorable right?! We laughed and laughed about it. On the second 13 hour day I had worked in a row due to conferences, that story was just what I needed to keep me going. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. you are amazing...those kiddos and parents are so lucky! Keep it up!!!

  2. Loved the Move over Mom story!


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