Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why you shouldn't smoke - a.k.a. big kids do funny things, too

Kindergarten is the best. I'm totally biased. But, it is. 

However, this is a great post of hilarious pictures brought to you by BIG KIDS! :) 

Last week, our school celebrated "Red Ribbon Week" -- a week full of lessons and activities promoting a drug-free lifestyle. The big kids at our school made posters for a poster contest. The theme was: "Why you shouldn't smoke."

I honestly walked around the hallways today with my camera. These are some of my favorites. They made me laugh so much. They're blunt, to the point, and funny in a way my kinders could never be.

Enjoy! :)

The bottom left caption says: Last coin in the vault.

The caption says: This is a not right thing.

Blow up cigarettes with firecrackers if you see a cigarette.

This one is my favorite...

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  1. I love the "you don't want to ruin the moment" one. You know there has to be a story there.


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