Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday funnies

Mrs. A: "Okay, boys and girls, we're going to walk down the hallway, and I want you to look for anything you can find that starts with the /m/ sound -- our letter of the week."
Student 1: "Oooh! mmmmm-picture frame."
Mrs. A: "Good try, but let's listen: p-p-p-picture. Does that start with /m/?"
Students: "No..."
Mrs. A: "Let's keep looking."
Student 2: "I see one! mmmm-book."
Mrs. A: "Okay, let's back it up here kiddos. Our words have to start with the /m/ sound all by themselves."
Student 3: "I see mmmm-monkey!"
Mrs. A: "Good one! mmm-monkey."
Student 1 (again): "I got one. mmmm-office."
Student 2: "Wait!! I see YOU! mmmmmmm-Mrs. Anderson."

Too funny - it cracks me up how hard they try at this point in the year. Seriously hilarious.

Mrs. A: "What do you want to be when you grow-up?"
Student: "A teacher."
Mrs. A: "Oh, good!"
Student: "Because then, I can walk backwards in the hall."


Remember Mighty Mouse you may have read about earlier this year? Oh, Mighty Mouse... he's just a hoot. Ornery as can be... but too, too cute. Also -- hilarious how the kids *think* they know "bad words." This is how most of those conversations go...

Student 1: "Mrs. A, he said a bad word."
Mrs. A: "Okay, let's talk about that. How did it make you feel?"
Student 1: "Sad."
Mrs. A: "Let's call him over so we can tell him about that."
(enter: Mighty Mouse)
Mrs. A: "Go on, tell him."
Student 1: "I feel sad when you say bad words."
Mighty Mouse: "I'm sorry."
Student 1: "That's okay." (goes back to her station)
......... now, time for some teaching.....
Mrs. A: "Okay darling, we're going to talk about what words are 'school words' and what words are not 'school words.'"
MM: "Okay."
Mrs. A: "So, tell me what word you were saying. It's okay. I'm not mad."
MM: "I said the i word."
Mrs. A (quite puzzled): "Okay. What word is that?"
MM: "It's a bad word for your chin."
Mrs. A: "Okay... do you want to tell me so that we can decide if it's a 'school word?'"
MM: "Well, actually I just spelled it."
Mrs. A: "Okay... will you spell it for me?"
MM: "Well, I don't really remember. I think it was like I-N-Z." 
Mrs. A: "Okay... (holding in the giggles), how about we just try really hard to use our nice words at school."
MM: "Okay."


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