Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in Kindergarten

I have found that one of the greatest blessings of my job is enjoying the Christmas season with my students. I absolutely love everything about Christmas — the lights, decorating the house, cookies, the music, presents… everything! But, being a young adult without children can sometimes leave you wanting when it comes to celebrating the holidays. I, however, am able to watch 21 little faces light up every day in December with anticipation for Santa and a true love of the season.
In my mind, there is truly no sweeter sound than the voices of singing children. And absolutely no child can resist joining in on “Rudolph” or “Jingle Bells.” Throughout December, we started each day at calendar with a holiday song and opening a door on our classroom Advent calendar. It just so happened that we were in school for 21 days in December, so there were 21 little pieces of chocolate waiting for 21 little fingers. What a joy to see their determination while searching for the correct number and their excitement when they enjoyed their sugary promise. A new tradition has been born in my classroom and I already cannot wait until next December!
Christmas through the eyes of a child is brimming with innocence, joy, and true holiday cheer. When we studied the story The Polar Express, I discovered how the sound of a single bell can light up a room of 60 kindergarten faces. The message of the book is that if you truly believe in Santa, you will always hear the ring of his sleigh bells. I promised my students that I will always hear the bells, and I want them to, as well. Each child brought home a jingle bell on a red ribbon, and they cradled those bells in their hands so tenderly, my heart truly smiled.
Teaching kindergarten brings so much joy into my life, and in the month of December, it reminds me of the true meaning of the holidays — joy.

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